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Serving the Airport Community Since 1998

BRTA is a theme camp located at the Black Rock City Municipal Airport (located near point 5) since 1998. It provides a home for wayward pilot, airport volunteers, and those seeking a place to escape from the craziness and crowds of Black Rock City. 

For others, it's a stopping point on a journey that may not take them where they want to go... but hopefully where they need to go.

BRTA's physical presence includes the Starport shade structure and observation deck, the Galley, and the smaller PeaPod shade structure which houses the bar. We host new and returning art installations.

BRTA also hosts events throughout the week. The most well known is the Saturday Afternoon Cocktail Party. There's also the Thursday morning Pancake Breakfast and the Tuesday afternoon Meet and Greet. The Stray Dog bar is open most afternoons, and most evenings feature a guest lecturer.





5:30 and the Trash Fence




Who we are

We share the ideals of volunteerism, events, arts, and debauchery. Some of us have been coming for 22 years, others for two. Pilots are overrepresented but not a large majority. We all contribute towards making the airport a healthy and vibrant community before, during, and after the burn.



Can I Join BRTA?

Maybe! BRTA requires new members to be sponsored by an existing member and then approved by BRTA leadership. If you are ready to volunteer your time toward making the airport a better place and know an existing agent who would sponsor you, we’d like to hear from you. Kick things off by filling out our Agent Signup Form.

Remember that Agents are expected to volunteer at least 3 shifts during the event. This can include setup, teardown, daily leave-no-trace MOOP sweeps through the airport area, galley kitchen (head chef, prep chef, or cleanup) or dining room (setup, serving, and cleanup), creating artwork, setting up lighting and sound, or other airport-camp-related kinds of things.


Agents need to contribute cost sharing toward off-season storage and repair of the structures, administrative costs, and the cocktail party and pancake breakfast. The Galley has it’s own cost sharing that covers the cost of food for the galley meals. And contributions are welcome to replace some aging furniture and improve the galley infrastructure.


The galley serves fresh hot breakfast and dinner daily. Agents camp around the starport and enjoy the shade, drinks, and conversation that take place. Agents also enjoy access to a cleanup area.

What about the Galley?

BRTA hosts the Airport Galley for BRTA members only. Galley cost sharing is $250 a person (until July 31st) for up to 90 agents, which can be PayPal'd to hello@blackrocktravelagency.com. You can find more details in the Galley section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Airport Operations (unicom, etc) part of BRTA? No, although some of the people who participate in airport operations are also Agents.

  2. Is the Airport Gate part of BRTA? No, although some of people who work there are Agents.

  3. Are the air charter operations part of BRTA? No, although some of people who work with them are Agents.

  4. Can I camp by the airport if I'm not part of BRTA? Maybe! Pilots can continue to camp under their wing, and there are several other camps at the Airport including one dedicated to airport workers. However, there is no open camping at the airport. More information on the 88NV page.

  5. What can I do to help out? Read the "can I be a part of BRTA" page and fill out the New Agent Questionnaire. Or show up at the airport and ask what you can do to help.

  6. Can't I just pay and be part of the galley? No. We are continuing to focus more on volunteerism and community this year.

  7. Lots of other camps are part of larger villages; should there be an Airport Village that supports camps in addition to BRTA? That sounds like a great idea!

  8. Can you fly me to Burning Man from LA? I have always dreamed of flying in to Burning Man and only weigh 100 pounds. No. There's a ride-sharing board set up here <web address>, you can look for a ride there.

  9. How can I get someone to take me up in their plane to see BRC from the air? Pilots are mysterious creatures. Showing up at the airport and volunteering is no guarantee but it can't hurt.

  10. BMORG and the charter companies make lots of money off of this, why should I work my ass off to help their business? This is Burning Man. We work our asses off to make the event what it is for each other and for the rest of the burners out there.

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