BRTA Galley 2019

The Galley is a GO!

We are actively looking for chefs - if you are interested in cooking a meal, email

The Galley provides breakfast and dinner during the event. Cost sharing comes to $250 per person, last minute joiners (after July 31st) will pay $300.

To sign up, make sure you became a BRTA member by filling out the New Agent Questionnaire and paying the $100 membership cost (using this paypal link), and receiving confirmation for your signup.

Note that the $100 covers general BRTA administrative expenses, storage of the Starport and Galley, and such. The meal plan cost is in addition to this.

After becoming a member and indicating a galley preference, you will pay the $250 Galley Cost Sharing using this paypal link..

Galley position descriptions and a signup spreadsheet will be available soon.

If you prefer not to PayPay, you can mail a check to: Black Rock Travel Agency, 13310 Nevada City Ave, Grass Valley, CA 95945